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ZMSTRATEGY ( ZERO MIND STRATEGY ) is a Company that is legally Register with CAC ( CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION ) and provide different online services that solve different online problems e.g Forex, Binary Option, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrencies, Web Development, Software Development, SEO E.T.C. ZMSTRATEGY is also suitable for affiliates / publishers who want to earn some extra cash online.

Here are the different ways you can make money as an publisher / affiliates on ZMSTRATEGY.
1) if someone click on your link you share
2) if someone register through your link
3) if someone purchase any products / services through your link
4) You also make money by uploading your own products / services on ZMSTRATEGY
5) ZMSTRATEGY also pay you, if someone that you refer also make a sales.

The Sweet part about ZMSTRATEGY is that, what you are promoting is what people are looking for all over the World. also after someone has register and create account through your link, what so ever that person purchase on ZMSTRATEGY you are going to be making steady commission everytime he / she purchase any products / services and you can be making up to 90% commission on a particular products / services.


Step 1) Create an account and verify your account. then click on login.

Step 2) Click on my account.

Step 3) Click on Campaigns.

Step 4) Click on View.

Step 5) copy the product link.